Lab Members

Duygu Ucar, PhD

 Assistant Professor  

 PhD: Ohio State University, Computer Science

 Postdoctoral Studies:  University of Iowa, Internal Medicine ,Stanford University, Genetics

I am a computer scientist with interdisciplinary training in computer science, epigenomics, and the biology of aging. The overarching goal of my lab is to build integrative and innovative computational resources to uncover intricate regulatory programs in human cells and understand how these programs are disrupted by aging and aging-related diseases.




 Eladio J Márquez, PhD

 Associate Research Scientist

 PhD:University of Michigan, Biology

 Postdoctoral Studies: Florida State University, Evolutionary Genetics

In my research, I use computational tools to uncover epigenetic patterns that can help explain variation in gene expression among cell types or groups of individuals. Currently, I am exploring the epigenetic roots of aging in immune cells, and my long-term vision is to understand how cells harness the many dimensions of the epigenome when making regulatory decisions, and how this balance is affected by disease and lifestyle.




Ahrim Youn, PhD

​Computational Scientist

PhD: Uniersity of Washington, Statistics

Postdoctoral Studies: Columbia University, Biostatistics

My research interest is in developing statistical methods to analyze and integrate various genomic and epigenomic data to better understand disease and to identify important biomarker that may be helpful for diagnosis and treatment of disease. 




Shubham Khetan

PhD Candidate, Biomedical Sciences (co-advised by Prof. Stitzel

University of Connecticut Health Center

My research interest is to understand how genetic variation in the population can lead to increased/decresed susceptibility to type 2 diabetes .






Asa Thibodeau

PhD Candidate, Computer Science Dept

University of Connecticut

My research interest is the development of computational methods and machine learning models to integrate and infer regulatory function of genomic and epigenomic data in order to further our understanding of these mechanisms and how they work together.





 Sneha Oneill

 Academic year Intern ,Computer science Engineering Dept

 Institute of engineers Of india

 My research interest is to develop a data browsing and visualization application              

 capable of navigating increasingly large and complex datasets generated to study

 human immune cells